LADL is about making cooking easy.

The concept for recipe flowcharts began with a recipe called Momofuku Ramen by chef David Chang. During its 10 hour preparation and journey through multiple pages of instructions, I inevitably missed steps. The final product was still delicious, but I was mentally fatigued. I found myself asking, “Isn’t there a better way?”.

LADL is about simplicity.

The recipe starts at the top left corner and finishes in the bottom right. The ingredients are shown with pictures, so you never have to wonder around the grocery store trying to figure out if Mirin is a spice, liquid, or vegetable. Groups of ingredients are color coded with cooking times so you can easily know when the ingredients need to be ready. Lastly, pictures are placed throughout the recipe to show what it really looks like.


LADL is about being adventurous.

The recipes on LADL have been collected from different cuisines around the world. Living in Iowa, it has been a great frustration that almost every restaurant either has similar menu items or Americanized international dishes. LADL recipes are chosen based on their uniqueness. Many posted recipes may have a foreign ingredient, however those ingredients should still be available in local grocery stores. Be adventurous, you may be surprised about what is delicious.