Florentine- LADL Flowchart Recipe

Origin: France? ….. maybe?

About: Florentine biscuits are a dessert consisting of different nuts and fruits. The candied orange peels accent the biscuit, giving it more character than just chocolate and flour. The flour is there to hold everything together. In some recipes, the flour can be removed completely for those with gluten intolerance.

This recipe is by Mary Berry and was featured on the Great British Bake Off. As she says, the key is to get the correct proportions because the amount of dough used for each biscuit is only a spoonful.

The history and origin of the Florentine cookies is unclear. As Emiko Davis notes in her blog, “… the most reliable recipe for Florentines is in Elizabeth David’s 1979 article on the mid-17th century cookbook, A True Gentlewoman’s Delight.” That recipe is still far from the modern biscuit and does not bare the Florentine name, which most likely was from adaptation into french culinary.