Paila Marina – LADL Flowchart Recipe

Origin: Chile

About: Paila Marina is a thick Chilean stew with different kinds of cooked shellfish and fish. Planning this recipe usually starts with a a trip to a fish market to pick up the best catch. Traditionally it heavily relies on shellfish like mussels, clams, barnacles, and tunica rocks.

In case you need an excuse to cook this early on a Saturday morning, Paila Marina is also widely regarded as a popular remedy for hangovers. That being said, this dish is not in need of precise ingredients. If you have seafood in the fridge and a couple of ingredients on the list, throw them in the pot! You might be happier trying to cure the hangover rather than wondering into public to get every ingredient….

“Palia” is earthenware bowl used in several South American countries to retain heat from the dish. Dishes served in a paila can be prepared in it inside an oven. Check out this Earthenware bowl.

Served with:


  • Any seafood — clams, shrimp, octopus, scallops, crab meat
  • Limes to garnish
  • Onion, 1/2 large chopped
  • Paprika, 1 tsp


  • Swordfish — Any white fish, Pacific cod
  • Pinot grigio — Chilean dry white wine
  • Clam juice — seafood stock
  • Tomato puree — large tomato, diced

Complements of Elliot Tibor.