Aquavit – LADL Flowchart Recipe

Origin: Scandinavia

AKA: Akvavit, akevitt

About: Aquavit is distilled from grain or potato but it’s spiced with caraway and other flavors like dill, anise, fennel, coriander and cardamom. This is very similar to vodka. The first license to sell aquavit in Stockholm was granted in 1498.

Why make it?… It may seem easier to buy aquavit from the store, but most people are very specific about the favor. Simply stated, there isn’t one “right” mix of ingredient so you’re better off tailoring the taste. Some people like citrus or even ginger, whereas I prefer a hint of dill.

Depending on the Scandinavian country, aquavit is sometimes enjoyed at lunches that can linger into late afternoon, whereas others are likely to drink aquavit around holiday dinners and at special occasions than over a weekday lunch. Traditional midday meals feature herring and smorrebrod (open-face sandwiches), ickled herring, shellfish, potatoes with fresh dill and ripe cheeses. Aquavit is also the key ingredient for many recipes, including Gravlax.


  • Cardamom pods, 1/4 cup, toasted — substitute for coriander seeds
  • Figs, 1/2 cup, dried black mission — substitute for Dill


  • Horseradish root, 1/4 cup, coarsely chopped — substitute for coriander seeds