Slivovitz- LADL Flowchart Recipe

Origin: Eastern Europe, mostly Slavic regions.

AKA: Slivovitsa

About: Slivovitz is a fruit brandy or schnapps made from Damson plums. In the traditional process plums are pressed and yeast, starch, and sugar are added for fermentation. Since Yugoslavia grows more plum trees than any other country in the world, making a tasty alcoholic beverage from plums seems like a good idea. This flowchart recipe is a simpler homemade version that is still just as delicious.

When making this at home, a wide-neck jar is recommended. The sugar likes to sit on the bottom and inverting the jar (or shaking the jar) daily helps to dissolve it into the alcohol solvent. Store the jar in a cool-dark place.

Damson gin is another similar liqueur, usually homemade with Damson plums. The difference in recipes is the substitution of vodka for gin. Sloe gin, on the other hand, uses sloe drupes which is a small fruit relative to a plum. Because of the sweetness of these beverages, they are usually served after dinner or during special occasions.